Explanation of creating an Adsense account, the correct way to activate it

 The introduction

Peace be upon you, today we will explain to you the method of creating a Google Adsense account, and who among us does not hide the word Adsense from him or did not know about it, because it is a subsidiary of Google and it is the first in the world in Internet profits, so who among us today has not heard about YouTube profits or profits  The Internet in general, perhaps few have not heard of it, but let my brother know that even YouTube profits and websites are linked to Adsense, even YouTube profits are transferred to Google Adsense, and today, my brother, you will get to know with us what Google Adsense is, or what is known in English as Google Adsense, and you will also get to know us.  On how to create a Google Adsense account and obtain approval in the correct way 100%, and how to add your site or channel to YouTube and link it to Google Adsense, and we will follow this in the future also on how to activate the YouTube channel and also display ads on Blogger, but this article is dedicated to how to create a Google Adsense account and the definition in general  Google Adsense and some information about Google Ads as well, but first you must have a gmail account or an account for Google services in general and it is sufficiently secured and is private to you and you know it well, that is, you do not create a transient account, for example, or temporary, as Google Adsense, for example  Do not allow multiple accounts, one account is lost for each individual, so let's start with God's blessing.

Explanation of creating an Adsense account, the correct way to activate it

What is google adsense company

 Adsense, or what is known in Latin Adsense, is an advertising company. It displays text, image, or video ads on your site, your YouTube channel, or your application on Google Play. In return, it gives you good profits on the number of impressions and also clicks. It is considered the best online earnings company.  There is a competitor to it.

 The correct ways to create a google adsense account

 First, before we start explaining the ways to create a Google Adsense account

 You must have an account for Google services or what is known as Gmail, and as I mentioned in the introduction to this article, you have a personal account that is secured and that you never forget, and you should know that Google Adsense does not allow multiple accounts.

 Second: You must provide all the information that is asked of you correctly 100% in order for your account to be approved and so that you can receive the profits later.

 Let's enter to create a Google Adsense account

 There are three best ways to create a Google Adsense account, through a hosting partner for Google Adsense

 This is either through admobe or youtube or through blogger

 1 - Through blogger

 First, you must create a blog on the Google Blogger platform, and I have explained how to do that in previous articles, and then link it to a paid domain. The best and best domain company, I think, is Google Domains.

 Then, you put a good template on the blog with a slogan, and you write at least 20 good and exclusive articles, and then you go to the Google search engine and type google adsense start

 And you log in to Google Adsense and click on start, after that you put the link to your blogger blog, then you complete the tasks and wait for approval

 I will explain at the end of the article the steps completely.

 2 - Through YouTube

 You can get a Google Adsense account by creating a YouTube channel, and you do not have to reach 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours to get an Adsense account, all you have to do is log in to YouTube, then click on your channel, then customize the channel, then settings, then go  For adsnese, of course this method is faster

 Then, follow the steps that we will explain now

 Through these two methods, I prefer them because they are the fastest in creating a Google Adsense account

 We log in to Adsense and then click on start

 We put the Blogger blog link, or we choose YouTube

 Then we press continue and then we enter the e-mail

 Then you choose your country and then click on agree to the terms of Adsense

 Then you press Continue and wait for the approval message.

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