How to Earn from Forex trading

 The introduction

This lesson is an introduction to the course of learning forex and entering the currency market, and it is a comprehensive lesson for what was explained later

Entering the currency market to trade and reap profits from the Internet. Trading and entering the global stock exchanges and the owner’s market. Before entering the world of forex and trading, you will need experience in experience through this experience from the beginning at the beginning at the beginning until the beginning at the beginning.

How to Earn from Forex trading

What is the forex world?

It is the world of trading currencies and digital currencies through trading platforms that operate online, or rather the world of currency trading via the Internet through the price rise and price fall. We will explain all this.

What do you need before entering the world of profit from forex?

You will need to own some things, which are not many and easy, God willing. First, you will need capital or financing some money. The more capital or financing you will be able to achieve a higher profit.

Secondly, you will need a bank card that contains your capital or financing, or an account on some electronic banks, such as Paypal, or that you have some digital currencies

Third, you will need some of your papers, such as your ID card or passport, and some other proofs in order to be able to activate your account on the forex trading platforms.

Fourth, you will need sufficient experience, and through this course, which is a forex learning course, you will be able to collect all this

How can you enter the world of forex?

First, by registering an account on one of the trading companies, which we call the broker, and also you can register a demo account in order to learn, and this is what we recommend in the beginning. The way to profit through forex is long and requires patience and learning, and this course is specially for beginners

First, you enter companies such as xm company, exness company, or robo forex, and these are approved companies in the market, known and tested, so you register a real account and upload your personal evidence until the account is documented by the company, then you can create an account, and these companies give you a free bonus that you can earn money Through it this is introduced to new customers in the market

After that, you install the trading platforms on which all companies work, namely the meta trader 4 and the meta trader 5, and we will explain each of them in the coming lessons, and they also work on mobile phones and laptops, but the market, stocks, and prices appear clearly on the desktop

Then you start charging your forex account and the profit and loss starts on the platform

How can you make profit and make money by trading on the market?

The matter is not done simply, so you should know that when entering the platform you will notice the presence of currencies against other currencies, for example the dollar against the euro and the euro against the Japanese yen, but in this course we will work on dollar deals against the euro because these two currencies trade in them is large and there are many deals on them and because their market is fast and works They have a lot of traders online

How to work on the platform

You should know that there are many ways to know the price, profit and loss, and there are many strategies and schools in the strategy

The most important thing to work on is the strategy

You must learn a strong strategy through which you can profit easily

For example, there is a splinting strategy that works on foreign currencies, so it opens the deal quickly and closes it quickly, so it enables you to reap a lot of profit in a short time, unlike other deals whose profits are weekly

But a lot of profit can achieve a lot of loss, so the deal does not open a large amount

Traders should be careful when trading, forex trading is also very risky and not as easy as some people think

After trading and winning your deals, you can easily withdraw your profits, monthly or non-monthly

According to what you want

This is an introduction to the world of forex, trading, and entry into the money market, and these lessons will be daily, God willing

There are more explanations than that

How to open and close deals, profit and loss, and the currency index

Peace be upon you

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