How to get your site accepted by Google Adsense in the best way

 The introduction

How to get the acceptance of your site or blog, whether it is Blogger or Word Press, on the acceptance of Google Adsense adsense, today we will explain to you the best ways and best tips to prepare your site and your blog to obtain the acceptance of Google Adsense and display Adsense ads on your site or blog and profit from that,  I found many people on social media complaining about Google Adsense rejecting their site or blog because of some violations, and I found most people do not understand why their site was rejected by Google Adsense, so I decided to make this article to explain the most important reasons for which your site can be rejected and I will present  You have the best advice for Blogger and WordPress blogs for admission to Adsense, and God willing, we will soon put other and new articles in Adsense explanations. Many people search the Internet for ways to profit, and the best of those ways is to create a blog, YouTube channel, or website and subscribe to Google Adsense, which  I have not found an alternative to it yet, as it excels in its field, and now, in this article, we will present the following:

 First: How to prepare your site or blog, whether Blogger or WordPress, for acceptance in Google Adsense

 Second: How to properly submit your site or blog to Google Adsense and when to submit the site

 Third: The most important reasons for the rejection of your site by Google Adsense

 Fourth: Answering some common questions

 And God bless, let's start

How to get your site accepted by Google Adsense in the best way

First: How to configure your site for Google Adsense

 How to configure your site or blog, regardless of its type or field, for Google Adsense, so it does not differ in many areas, the important thing is that the content is good, and these are the best tips for accepting your blog, whether it is on the Blogger or WordPress platform.

 1- First, I recommend installing a good template for the blog, even if it is free. It is good and light and does not contain many java codes, and is very consistent and good in seo, such as the SEO Plus and Squeeze template. I advise installing the paid one of them if the blog is on Blogger.

 2 - Secondly, I recommend buying a paid domain, whether it is .com, .net, .org, or .info. The important thing is that it is paid and owned by you, and this step is not important because your site is accepted by Google Adsense, but it is also important in many other things.

 Knowing that there are many blogs that contain a free or sub-domain and have been accepted by Adsense

 3 - Thirdly, you must write at least 20 articles on the site, and the greater the number of articles, the greater the chance of admission to Essence.

 4 - Fourth, the article on your blog should not be less than 800 words, and the greater the number of words, the greater the value of the blog.

 5- Fifthly, the articles should be consistent and elemental, and not contain spelling errors. The words should be strong in terms of seo.

 6 - Sixth, it does not contain copyrighted images. You can use free images in the article, or design them yourself, and do not transfer them directly to Copy Best.

 7 - Try to reduce the number of external links on your site as much as possible.

 8 - Submit your blog to the Google console and be patient with it until your blog is archived and you get visits from Google.

 9 - Try to have the source of your visits entirely dependent on the Google search engine, because visits from social media are considered invalid and you may be subject to closing or restricting your account due to invalid visits.

 10 - Try to archive your site strong and take good care of SEO

 When do you submit your site to Google Adsense?

 Do not rush to submit your site to Google Adsense, after you do what I told him of advice, and you find your site active and you have visits and you receive visits from the Google search engine, then submit your site to Google Adsense.

 The most important reasons for the rejection of your site in Adsense

 One of the most important reasons for the rejection of your site in Google Adsense is either that the content, niche, or specialty of the site is in violation of Google Adsense policies, so all your articles must not be in violation of Google Adsense and not transferred from other sites and have no copyrights, secondly, your site may not contain  Visits, inactive, or weak archiving, all of these things may cause your site to be rejected.

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