How to link your bank account with google adsense

 The introduction


 Google Adsense, which is known in English adsense and belongs to Google, and it is one of the most famous profit companies on the Internet. It is used by all website owners and bloggers, especially bloggers on the Blogger platform and the WordPress platform, and the owners of YouTube channels as well, and the withdrawal of profits from Google Adsense has been  It was through three parties, either a receipt, which is the check, or through Western Union, or through a bank account, and the minimum amount for withdrawing profits is 100 US dollars.  He lost his personal card data and the Google Adsense receipt that he sends via e-mail. You obey him and go to the nearest Western Union branch. You give him the data and he gives you the money immediately, and because bank accounts are not suitable for all ages and the difficulty of opening a bank account, he needs more papers and proofs, but recently and almost in the month of 7  For the year 2020, Google Adsense stopped receiving profits through Western Union, and everyone was affected by this news, because they could no longer withdraw their profits through Google Adsense and they needed a bank account to receive their profits on it, and it became the talk of the social media, and many rumors spread on bank accounts, but today  I will tell you and explain to you the best way to withdraw Adsense profits through the bank account, and also I will explain how to link the bank account with Google Adsense, and I will first, before all of that, explain the best bank that I have dealt with in withdrawing my profits, and I will tell you all of that, God willing  in this article.

 And I ask God Almighty to grant you from His lawfulness, and let us begin with the blessing of God Almighty.

How to link your bank account with google adsense

First, how to get a bank account and the best experience

 In order to obtain a bank account if you are an employee, it is very easy. All you have to do is provide a copy of the personal card and a document of salary items, but the problem becomes with students who do not have a job. Here, banks allow opening a bank account for students without a document of salary items. As for my personal experience and I  student is as follows:

 I went to the nearest branch of Alexbank

 She asked to open a youth savings account, and the specifications for a youth savings account were as follows

 The minimum amount to open the account is 250 pounds, and nothing more

 5 pounds are deducted per month for account opening services

 You are given monthly interest at 5% annually

 He asked me for the following documents

 A copy of the lost identity card

 After opening the account, I activated the internet banking, and this is an important step in obtaining the IBAN number

 Then you wait 24 hours to activate the account

 Advantages of the Youth Savings Account, Bank of Alexandria

 One of the features that I saw in this account

 1 - The arrival of the Adsense earnings two days after the submission was lost.

 2 - If the account is in the Egyptian Paradise, you can withdraw on it, and the profits will arrive in the Egyptian Paradise as well, at today's exchange rate.

 3 - There is no commission on receiving Adsense earnings.

 4 - You get a Visa Titanium or Visa Inspire, which activates the PayPal account with ease.

 5 - The account has never been frozen, as some claim.

 How to link bank account to google adsense

 First, we go to the Google Adsense account

 We choose from the list Payments

 Then we go to the How to get your payments field

 Then we click on Manage Payment Methods

 Then add a new payment method

 We choose the bank account

 Now it will ask you for data

 First, the name on the bank account

 You write your name in English, which is the name registered with the bank, and it is preferable to write capital

 After that, it will ask you for the IBAN number

 You open the internet banking application

 Then you go to the account details, you will find the IBAN number

 You copy and paste it

 If you do not find it, contact technical support

 Then it will ask for a swift code

 Type the name of the bank and its branch on the Google search engine, and it will appear to you

 Either if you use ALEXBANK

 Then write the following swift code


 After that, we mark Save as a basic payment method, and press Save Data, and here it is

 And here we have finished the article

 Any questions or inquiries, please comment

Hossam khaled
By : Hossam khaled
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