Top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms

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Do you ever think about trading digital currencies?  And profit by trading digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin?  Are you thinking of buying and storing digital currencies?

 Today we present to you the best platforms for electronic currency trading, the best platforms for digital currency trading, we will present to you the 10 best online platforms, and we will do some details about them one by one, and we will remind them of preference, and our evaluation will be for the top 10 platforms in terms of the number of users for each platform,  And the daily trading volume for each platform, and in terms of the encrypted currencies that it supports, and we will mention all the details about it, God willing, and also according to the users’ evaluations of each platform, and as you know that there are more than 100 trading platforms on the Internet for trading digital and encrypted currencies, but today we will mention the best  those platforms

 Let's start with God's blessing.

Top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms


 The Binance platform, or binance, was established in 2017 in the Cayman Islands for cryptocurrency trading.

 The binance platform comes first in digital currency trading, and it evaluated 10 out of 10 for users, it contains more than 300 digital currencies for trading and more than 1036 pairs for trading, registration is simple on the platform, all you have to do is click here to enter the registration page

 The registration is simple, and the most beautiful thing is that it supports the Arabic language, and you can buy digital currencies through MasterCard and Visa Card, and you can also buy using electronic banks such as Payeer or Perfect Money, and also the minimum limit for purchasing digital currencies is $ 15, The distinctive thing is that  You can also buy digital currencies through the Russian ruble currency with a minimum of 100 rubles. As for activating the account, it is sufficient to write your personal data for purchase and withdrawal, and as for opening the maximum limits for deposit and withdrawal, you send personal proofs


 The Coinbase or coinbase platform was established in 2012 in the United States of America to trade digital currencies

 The CoinPass platform comes in second place after binance, for several reasons. First, it only supports 55 digital currencies, and it only supports 173 currency pairs.  Profit sites and applications support withdrawing their profits via CoinPass, and also one of its advantages allows earning new digital currencies, and also Arab accounts do not need to activate accounts, but the platform does not allow users of some countries to trade, as it may allow collecting currencies.


 The Hotbit platform was found in 2018 in Hostina, and it comes in the third place, as it contains a lot of digital currencies and tokens, and it contains many modern digital currencies, and it contains and supports more than 1074 digital currencies and more than 2014 currency pairs, and it contains many features, it has  Many users used to sell currencies that they earned through Android applications via the Hotbit platform, and one of its advantages is that you do not need to activate the account in order to buy and sell digital currencies, and you can deposit them through digital currencies such as usdt and others.


 houbi global

 The Huobi platform was established in 2013 in the Seychelles for trading digital currencies, and it contains and supports more than 317 cryptocurrencies, and supports more than 889 trading pairs for cryptocurrencies, you can register with it and start buying and selling cryptocurrencies and digital currencies, and it also gives a bonus of $ 170 to new users, but in order to  You can trade on it, the account must be activated through the passport or the personal national card, then after that you get the bonus and start trading, and also support the profit by inviting friends, you get more than 20%, and also support the Visa Card and Master Card for purchase as well.


 The Cocoin platform was established in 2014 in the Seychelles, and it contains more than 302 digital currencies and contains more than 628 pairs for trading digital currencies, and it is a well-known platform for everyone, you can deposit in it for free and then buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it does not provide margin trading, and its commission is low  It is very high, up to 0.01%, and you do not hear about depositing in euros or dollars, and it is also distinguished by the fact that you can withdraw the NEO currency, which you can withdraw for free through the Cocoin platform.

 OKEx trade

 This platform was established in 2013, with the aim of trading electronic currencies, and it contains more than 256 digital currencies and more than 506 pairs of digital currencies, and allows trading via margin, it has many advantages and keeps customers’ money in a safe environment.


 The Coin Tiger platform was established in 2017 in Singapore, and it contains more than 267 cryptocurrencies and 375 cryptocurrency trading pairs. You can also deposit through bank cards, and it does not allow margin trading and supports CNY currency as a deposit for the first time, and the commission does not exceed 0.10  %.

 bithumb global

 The BitHome platform was established in 2019, and contains more than 246 digital currencies, supports more than 333 pairs, allows deposits through Visa Card and Master Card, allows margin trading, and supports the Japanese yen currency

 This platform was established in 2013, and supports more than 79 digital currencies and more than 200 cryptocurrency trading pairs, and allows deposits through Visa Card and Master Card, and allows margin trading.


 It was newly established in 2017, and contains more than 209 digital currencies and more than 300 cryptocurrency trading pairs, and allows all deposit methods.

 There are many other distinguished platforms, but we mentioned the best.

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